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We are pleased to be the exclusive New Zealand dealer for Kuvia - "Makers of Fine Sailing Rigs for Paddle Craft"     Kayaksailor Sail.

This is a High Performance Sail for the discerning paddler-sailor. Unlike most of the typical downwind sails sold in New Zealand, the kayaksailor allows you to paddle-sail like a motor sailing yacht.
With its patented unique design this new rig is a true upwind kayak sailing machine, compact, easy to use and does not intrude on the cockpit space. It mounts very easily. The sail pops up as easy as a Pacific Action and comes down even easier.
The twin leeboards raise and lower independently. The sail is a high performance design with battens.

There are two sizes of the kayaksailor

A 1.6 m2 Sail for the larger kayaks from 4.5 metres and larger and a smaller 1.4 m2 Sail for  less that 4.5 metre.